Adele and Ellen DeGeneres Prank Jamba Juice Employees


Adele and Ellen DeGeneres take on Jamba Juice…and it’s even more hysterical than you can imagine.

On Thursday’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the talk show host enlisted the Grammy winner to help carry out one of her epic pranks. As is typical, Adele was hooked up with an ear piece, with DeGeneres feeding her lines during the entire exchange.

“One small cup but a large,” she begins her order, confusing everyone behind the counter.

Next, the singer takes out a pair of scissors Ellen had previously planted in her purse. “Can I chop some off?” she asks, pointing at the wheatgrass on display before snipping off a handful. “It’s really good actually,” she says, while Ellen (and the world) laughs on the other end.

When it came time to pay for her juice order — after, at one point, pulling out a mini bottle of Disaronno from her purse for a quick swig! — Adele dumps everything out of her purse on the counter before asking the cashier: “Where is my money? I need to pay for this, right? I’m a celebrity. Do I have to pay?”

Watch the video up top to see the full exchange go down — just don’t take a sip from your smoothie before watching, lest you want it all over your computer screen.


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