Shakira Teases Her Return to The Voice


Shakira hasn’t been a coach on The Voice since 2014 but that doesn’t mean she won’t return.

Just don’t look for her in one of the show’s iconic red swivel chairs.

“Maybe to perform,” the Colombian pop songstress teased me last night at the premiere of her new animated flick Zootopia.

Shakira admitted she missed her fellow coaches, but left the show because her “life had to move on.

“I had to do other things,” she said. “I had to take care of my baby. I got pregnant again. I’ve been operating among pacifiers and bottles and diapers and now I’m ready to make new music again. I’m really hungry and thirsty for it.”

And so are we.

As for Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani finding love on the show, Shakira said she’s “heard” about the new romance. “It’s cool,” she said.

In Zootopia, Shakira plays Gazelle, a socially conscious pop star gazelle that speaks up for equality.

When she saw the first sketches of her character, she insisted that she have fuller hips.

“Gazelle was quite fit, very slim and I said to the directors, ‘Please add more meat onto the bone. I think the girl deserves it,'” Shakira said. “So they made her curvier and gave her bigger hips, just like me.”

While one-year-old son Sasha may be too young to watch Zootopia, his big brotherMilan, 3, has seen it twice—once in Spanish and another time in English.

“It was hard for him at first to grasp the concept of his mom being a gazelle and a gazelle being his mom,’ Shakira said. “But he started to understand Mom did the voice of the character and it is an animated character. He loved the movie and gave it his undivided attention.”

Zootopia (in theaters on March 4) stars Ginnifer Goodwin as bunny aspiring to be a police officer and Jason Bateman as a petty criminal fox. Rounding out the cast areI dris Elba, J.K. Simmons, Jenny Slate, Katie Lowes, Tommy Chung, Alan Tudyk,Nate Torrence and Goodwin’s hubby Josh Dallas.


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