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Running out of meal ideas and getting tired of cooking the same thing over and over again? We made a list that offers ways you can use your available ingredients to the best of their ability to feed you something delicious, despite only containing a few ingredients per meal. 

You can tweak and adjust your dish according to what ingredients you have on hand. You can substitute many ingredients for something else, especially if you’re talking about vegetables or the kind of meat you have. Got pork but no chicken? You can make a pork tapa recipe instead of the chicken tapa using the same recipe since the same seasonings go into the marinade. 

The trick to make this a meal plan for two people is reusing ingredients or dishes into the meals you can eat later or later in the weekYour refrigerator will be your best friend, and you will want to save leftovers which will be important if you cannot eat the entire recipe serving size. 

Ready for some delicious ideas to make during your quarantine hours? Here is a quarantine meal plan that you can make this week:     

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  • Breakfast: homemade chicken tapa, garlic rice, and hot beverage 
  • Lunch: kalabasa or squash blender soup recipe with Spam chunks  
  • Dinner: Spam sinigang, steamed rice 

Since it’s the first day of the week, think of this day as the day you can do anything. It’s the start of the week and you can create dishes from whatever is in your food stash. For this day’s meal plan, the lunch and dinner are related to each other. The blender soup gets some meatiness from the canned luncheon meat that you can use later when you make the sinigang

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  • Breakfast: homemade pork tapa, steamed rice, and hot drink 
  • Lunch: sinangag na sinigang, steamed chicken 
  • Dinner: black pepper chicken and steamed rice 

More often than not, there is always soup leftover from soup dishes. Don’t dump that super flavorful soup out! Instead, make some fried rice using that soup and serve it up heartily with some simply steamed chicken. Any leftover chicken you can save and make into the black pepper chicken stir-fried dish you can make for dinner. 

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  • Breakfast: pancakes and hot drink
  • Lunch: fried chicken and steamed rice
  • Dinner: chicken pepper rice 

It’s the middle of the week, and you’re halfway through! Reward yourself with a day of awesome meals. Start off by making old reliables like pancakes. You can use a pancake mix or make it from scratch, depending on what you have in the kitchen. Fried chicken is always special but you can make it super simple by using this simple fried chicken recipe. Any leftovers again, from either the fried chicken or the black pepper from the night before, can be recreated into dinner.   

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  • Breakfast: overnight oatmeal and hot beverage
  • Lunch: apan-apan and steamed rice 
  • Dinner: chicken pakam and steamed rice 

Overnight oatmeal is probably the no-cook oatmeal recipe you have never made before. The trick to this is really about mixing the ingredients and then leaving it overnight in the refrigerator to soften. For lunch and dinner, take a trip to the provinces with these two regional but simple recipes. Apan-apan is a simple kangkong recipe made even more delicious with ground pork and bagoong. Chicken pakam meanwhile is a simple chicken recipe that make use of fresh tomatoes. These two dishes make excellent use of vegetables that you need to use immediately but remain easy and tasty. 

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  • Breakfast: cinnamon French toast and hot beverage 
  • Lunch: pasta with blender sauce recipes 
  • Dinner: breakfast bibimbap recipe

What makes this day’s meal plan so fascinating is this makes use of any leftovers you may need to consume. The dinner suggestion is the breakfast bibimbap recipe which is really all about topping your steamed rice with any extra ingredients you may have in your refrigerator. Got any tapa, kangkong, or even some vegetables that need eating? Slice these up and add it to your bibimbap bowl. Got leftover pasta sauce? Use it to add some zing into your rice bowl! 

What dishes are you making during the quarantine? 


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