India caste unrest: ‘Ten million without water’ in Delhi


More than 10 million people in India’s capital are without water despite the army regaining control of its key water source after protests, officials say.

Keshav Chandra, head of Delhi’s water board, told the BBC it would take “three to four days” before normal supplies resumed to affected areas.

Jat community protesters demanding more government jobs seized the Munak canal, the city’s main water source on Friday.

Sixteen people have been killed and hundreds hurt in three days of riots.┬áThe Munak canal supplies around three-fifths of water to Delhi’s 16 million residents.

Mr Chandra said that prior warnings meant that people had managed to save water, and tankers had been despatched to affected areas of the city, but that this would not be enough to make up for the shortfall.

Schools in the city were also closed after supplies from the canal were sabotaged during the protests.

The army took control of parts of the canal on Monday morning, but repairs are expected to take time.

The BBC’s Sanjoy Majumder who is near Delhi’s border with neighbouring Haryana state, said protesters who have set up road blocks are refusing to budge.

“We don’t trust them. Let’s get something in writing. Let them spell it out,” one demonstrator who refused to be named told the BBC.


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