US man gets 30 years for murdering wife on ship


A man from Utah who killed his wife on a cruise ship in the US state of Alaska in 2017 has been sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Kenneth Manzanares, 43, pleaded guilty last year to the murder of his 39-year-old wife Kristy, whose body was found with severe head wounds in their cabin.

The couple were on a cruise in July 2017 with their three daughters and members of their extended family.

Officials described the murder as “chilling”, brutal and savage.

“While today’s sentence will not bring Kristy back to her family and friends, we hope it provides a sense of justice,” federal prosecutor Bryan Wilson said in a statement on Thursday.

This was not a random act of violence but a chilling neglect for human life,” he said, adding that Manzanares would serve 30 years in prison without parole, followed by five years of supervised release.

FBI agent Robert Britt said “no excuse can justify the savagery committed by this man”. Federal authorities handled the case because it occurred in US waters.

The incident took place on board the Emerald Princess cruise ship, operated by Princess Cruises, on 25 July 2017.

According to court documents, Kenneth and Kristy Manzanares had an argument that evening in which Kristy stated she wanted a divorce.

The daughters then left the cabin to join relatives. Shortly afterwards screams were heard.

A witness who entered the couple’s cabin before the ship’s security agents arrived said he saw Kenneth dragging Kristy’s body to the balcony.

In February last year, Manzanares pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, which applies in the US if you commit a serious assault which played a substantial role in causing an unintentional death.


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