A new kid on the telecoms block


A new contender has officially entered the local telecommunications market. Ozone Wireless, officially introduced its flagship store in Manor Lodge, St Michael, on Friday night with much fanfare.

The new telecoms operator, which promises “low and affordable rates for consumers”, will be competing with the longstanding providers FLOW and Digicel.

Senator Darcy Boyce, who has responsibility for Telecommunications, Energy, Immigration and Invest Barbados, welcomed the newest telecom operator’s plans to expand within an 18-month period.

“We try to keep on having this competition in the field and we couldn’t get past two operators so I am happy to have this one launched tonight with a different business model . . . I expect them to stay much longer than the others,” Boyce said while noting that this has been the third or fourth time he has issued a telecoms licence.

Boyce said that his Ministry is revising the Telecommunications Act to encourage competition and expand the sector.

“First of all we are shortly going to introduce quality of service standards for the mobile market. We are not happy that the quality of service isn’t as good as it ought to be . . . so we are going to do something about that with the Telecoms Act,” Boyce said.

“We will also change the Telecommunications Act to ensure that it is not quite so easy to change ownership of the telecommunication companies and they keep their licences because we want to make sure that competition continues,” he added.

Delivering brief remarks, President and General Manager of Ozone Wireless, Sylvain Tasse thanked those in attendance for the warm reception and his team for a job well done.

“The vision was to create a competitive offering to Bajans . . . with outstanding support from LTE we are now making this service available to Barbadians,” he said.


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