Board: No joy rides, please


JOYRIDERS AND PEDESTRIANS are being asked to keep off the buses and the streets. Chief executive officer of the Transport Board, Fabian Wharton, made the plea today, after receiving reports that some Barbadians, mainly the elderly, were taking joyrides to visit friends or to “stretch their feet”.

“Some people were basically just driving around, and they were not even workers; they were non-essential.

“They were just travelling, going to visit their friends or, according to the old folks, they were going to ‘stretch their foot’ and walk through ’Town, so that is the challenge we are having,” he said.

In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Government imposed a 24-hour national shutdown of non-essential services to prevent further spread of the disease. There have been 60 positive cases, of which two people have died and six recovered. (TG)


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