Caswell blasts hotels


Hoteliers who hire expatriate managers over qualified Barbadians came in for a tongue-lashing yesterday from veteran trade unionist and Opposition Senator Caswell Franklyn.

He blasted them and other employers, during debate in the Senate, for finding ways of securing work permits to bring people into Barbados to do jobs for which Barbadians could be found. And he urged Government to do something about it.

But last night, chairman of the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association, Steven Austin, told the DAILY NATION he was unaware of any high incidence of employment of non-nationals over Barbadians in the sector.

Franklyn raised the issue during a wide range of questions about the employment practices, based on his experience representing workers in both the hospitality industry and private sector, when the Upper Chamber debated the Barbados Tourism Product Authority (Amendment), Bill 2019.


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