Deputy DPP warns lawyers


As the legal profession prepares to welcome new attorneys next month, Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions Alliston Seale is urging new lawyers to catch the bus if necessary to avoid the pitfalls that befell disgraced attorney Cheraine Nicole Parris.

“If it takes catching a bus, put your files in a bag and come down,” he said. “People will laugh, but people will not laugh when you are in a dock [after]pleading guilty to a criminal charge with a sentence hanging over your head.

“You cannot foist your expectations on other people by either charging exorbitant fees or simply stealing from the client,” Seale advised as he made his submission on sentence in the No. 2 Supreme

Parris, of Lowlands, Christ Church, had confessed to stealing $302 000 belonging to former horse trainer Ashleigh Morrison, between April 15 and August 20, 2010. She had originally been charged with stealing $462 000 but was indicted for the lesser amount after she repaid the difference. (HLE)


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