SBA row referred to Solicitor General


The Ministry of Education is seeking legal advice on whether teachers should be compensated for correcting School Based Assessment (SBA) papers.

President of the Barbados Secondary Teachers’ Union (BSTU) Mary Redman told Barbados TODAY that during a sit down discussion between top Ministry officials and BSTU executives this afternoon, the Ministry decided that it would be going to the Solicitor General’s Office for advice on the matter.

She said in the meeting, led by Permanent Secretary June Chandler, Chief Education Officer Karen Best and a representative of the Ministry of the Civil Service, BSTU members were informed that the Ministry intended to await a response from Solicitor General Jennifer Edwards before discussions resumed.

“Ministry officials have little understanding of the volume of work involved in fulfilling the SBA requirement for CXC [Caribbean Examinations Council]. They had little understanding of what really happens in a practical way in the allocation of classes to teachers who teach CXC classes,” Redman said.

“We had to make it very clear to them, the volume of work involved. With that understanding, I am expecting that they are seeking simply to get what they consider to be legal aspects of this situation clarified to continue our negotiations on this situation,” she added.

Meanwhile, Redman said BSTU remained fixed in its position that correcting SBAs fell outside of the normal responsibilities of teachers.

She repeated that BSTU saw SBAs as an external examination and accused CXC of paying some teachers for correcting SBA subjects.

“We will not be correcting any SBA unless we are compensated. We are looking to hold a mass meeting perhaps by Friday for our membership to discuss the matter. We are just looking to finalize our location, but right now we are waiting and we are maintaining our position,” Redman affirmed.


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