Spencer: Treat teachers’ unions equally


THE BARBADOS UNION OF TEACHERS (BUT) is crying foul over what it says is the way teachers’ unions have been treated.

Speaking on Voice of Barbados’ Brass Tacks Sunday, president Sean Spencer told the call-in radio programme yesterday that they had been discriminated against for a number of years, and that needed to change.

“You have a case where the board at Erdiston Teachers’ Training College has two seats reserved for the principals’ bodies – the Barbados Association of Principals of Public Secondary Schools (BAPPSS) and the Association of Principals of Primary Schools (APPS).

“There is no provision for either of the two teachers’ unions. This is 2019 and the college was established in 1948,” Spencer lamented.

As another example, he said while BAPPSS got financial backing, they received not one red cent to travel to the Caribbean Association of Principals of Secondary Schools meeting held earlier this year in St Vincent.

“All 21 principals would have been sponsored by the Ministry [of Education]. When the BUT travelled to the same St Vincent, there was no such provision for sponsorship.” 


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