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A 100-MEMBER TEAM of Cuban medical officials who arrived in the island on April 5 will be tested for the coronavirus (COVID-19) before they can lend a helping hand to Barbados in its fight against the pandemic. This is even though they have been tested in their homeland.

That was the word from Minister of Health Jeffrey Bostic yesterday, as he gave the latest update on the virus that has now claimed the life of the first Barbadian on home soil.

The number of positive cases also rose by four to now stand at 56.
Bostic, speaking at a press conference from Ilaro Court on the online Zoom platform, said the Cubans would lend much-needed support to the already stretched local staff.

“I am pleased to announce to Barbados that the 100-person team of intensive care specialists from the republic of Cuba will arrive in Barbados today [Sunday] in order to provide respite and support for our medical teams who have been on the frontline of treating those with COVID-19, working gruelling hours in the most demanding of circumstances.”

He added Government was grateful to the Cuban government for facilitating this “in this time of great demand for their medical services worldwide”.
He was full of praise for the work done so far by the Barbadian professionals.
“I am grateful to the medical professionals who, at great personal risk to themselves, continue to care for and treat those infected with COVID-19, and who provided this gentleman [the 81-year-old Barbadian victim]with the best available medical care. (AC)


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