Top doc not budging


Acting Chief Medical Officer Dr Kenneth George is standing firm.

He is sticking with his decision to sign a letter of clearance for new Minister of Tourism Senator Lisa Cummins and endorsing her presence in the Senate last Wednesday, which led to a walkout by four senators and, later, heavy public criticism.

George was bombarded by questions from the media yesterday at the ministry’s Culloden Road, St Michael headquarters during a press conference to reveal that one of the Ghanaian nurses had also tested positive for malaria. He was resolute he had done the right thing.

“I believe what I did was the scientific approach. Obviously, things were said in other places regarding the decision I have made. We in this ministry have assured the public we use a steady hand when we make decisions. We have agreed the risk, to start with, was extremely low, and I stand by my decision to issue the letter.” (BA)


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