Summer is in full swing and we’re all dreaming of dashing off on an exotic getaway. Long-distance trips are adventurous, fun and exciting – you get to try new dishes, see magnificent new sites and explore the far corners of the world – time and money don’t always allow them to happen when we want!

There’s beauty and adventure to be found on your doorstep, without the hassle of jet lag and exchange rates. Why not swap plan a staycation this year and enjoy some destinations closer to home? Here are 5 reasons you should travel locally this summer:

1. Knowledge is power

It’s easy to let amazing experiences abroad, like exploring ancient Khmer temples in Cambodia or hiking the Inca trail to Machu Picchu, dominate your holiday wish-list. But don’t forget that your own culture can be just as interesting. After all, foreigners visit YOUR country too!

I bet you have a list of places in your mind that you’ve always wanted to visit near your hometown, but you somehow never made time for them. Take a long weekend to finally explore and gain a better understanding of your own heritage. It will make you appreciate other cultures more when you travel further afield…

2. Support your local economy

Another great benefit of travelling local is that you give extra support to your local economy. Check out the smaller smaller hostels, eat at local restaurants and shop at local boutiques and markets near you.

You don’t always have to travel far to have a great break. Local travel can be a great way to explore your own home, save money, and have an adventure.

3. Up your tour guide game

Who hasn’t had a last minute panic when friends or family come to visit and ask you to show them around? Suddenly, you can’t quite think of anything new or interesting to show them, even if you’ve lived there for years! Even more reason to explore your own backyard.

You will undoubtedly find some hidden gems and cool new bucket list-worthy hot spots. Next time friends or family visit you, you won’t be lost for something to do, and might even have discovered some new favourites to share with them.

4. Seize the day

Staying local means that you don’t have to waste precious holiday time on long haul flights, and won’t need to buy travel insurance or get vaccinated. It’s hassle free and allows you to be more spontaneous.

You can be adventurous at home. Try going to a major train station and buying a ticket for the next train that leaves, just to explore your destination. Or get in the car and drive to the nearest town you’ve never visited. Maybe stay a night or too at a local hostel to jump in on some adventures with the backpackers there!

Saving yourself hours, or even days, of travelling means that you can maximise your holiday time and maybe even pack in multiple smaller trips. Enjoy the flexibility that local travel offers you.

5. $ave that money!

One of the best and most obvious benefits of local travel is saving money. Transportation can be a drain on holiday funds, and medium to long distance flights often eat up a good chunk your budget. Staying local slashes your transport costs, leaving money in your pocket that can be used for pure fun or saved for longer trips in the future.


Saving the cash by not gallivanting across the globe means your money goes further locally. You might even treat yourself to a private room, or a stay at a boutique hostel. Or, why not invest the money you save on a spa treatment or another luxury you couldn’t usually afford. To check out your local hostels click HERE


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