7 Ways to Keep Your Holiday Party Makeup in Place All Nigh


The season for socializing is upon us and our calendars are filled with holiday house parties, work happy hours, and of course, New Year’s Eve. It’s a time for cocktail dresses and smoky eyes, sequins and red lips. We all want to look our best, and we usually do when arriving at our destination. But what about after a few hours of nibbling on hors d’oeuvres, sipping champagne, and hitting the dance floor? Not so much. So we reached out to M.A.C Cosmetics senior artist Keri Blair to teach us how to keep our makeup in place, so we can have a holiday party exit just as grand as our entrance.

Prep your skin. Prepping your face before applying makeup is essential if you want to keep things in place all evening. First, apply a light moisturizer evenly all over your skin and follow with a makeup primer, for a glowing, flawless finish.

Apply lip liner on your entire lip. Choose a lip liner that is close to your favorite holiday shade and apply it all over your lip as if it were lipstick. Then, apply your lipstick over that. This will keep your color vibrant and make it last even after all the eggnog.

Wear lip gloss over your lipstick. To be extra safe and make sure that lip lasts, apply a light layer of clear gloss over your lipstick. This will give it a festive shine and seal the color in for even longer wear.

Try a caffeinated eye cream. It’s a given that your holiday schedule will encroach on your sleep, but that doesn’t mean you have to arrive to the party with dark circles under your eyes. Before you apply concealer, prep your under eye with a cooling and caffeinated eye cream.

Highlight under your eye. For an extra boost of brightness that will last until the wee hours of the night, apply a light layer of highlighting powder after your makeup in an inverted triangle under your eye. Brush it on, then tap it into your skin using your finger.

Set your makeup with atomized water. To keep your makeup looking fresh, dab a few drops of atomized water on your face with your fingers or a cotton ball after you apply the finishing touches.

Keep blotting sheets in your purse. After all the drinking and dancing, many of us end up with a layer of sheen across our foreheads—and not the “Oh, you’re glowing,” luminescent kind. Your knee-jerk reaction may be to apply powder, but instead of adding more makeup, dab a blotting sheet on your face to remove excess oil and shine without disturbing the makeup that’s already there.


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