Mummy Cheats: Should you break up a sibling fight?


Blowing the whistle on a commotion between your offspring is always fun. As a seasoned sibling fighter, I know whatever they’re fighting about today, probably will happen again tomorrow, but they’ll get over it eventually. Until then…here are 5 ways to help teach your kids to work through the conflict:

  1. Prevention is better than cure! Let them learn to walk away from a fight, rather than encourage one to start. It takes two to tango after all.
  2. Reward them for problem solving. When they figure out they get points for good behavior, they will put on the charm.
  3. Though you must reward them for problem solving…your role also includes enforcing justice. If one child unfairs the other, you have to play judge and jury and lay the sentencing down. It will be a lesson in consequence for your kids, and will ensure they don’t feel you are favouring one or the other.
  4. Identify the triggers…for example if you know that turning on a particular video game will cause a commotion between two boys of varying ages, then maybe it’s best to separate the boys when its video game time for one of them.
  5. Finally, let your kids fight it out! Their little squabbles are important to their self development and learning how to conflict manage by themselves is going to be a great tool when they’re on the playground and you’re not there. So don’t forget that sometimes you have to leave them alone and once there aren’t any major bruises or broken bones…they will turn out just fine.




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