Diddy Launches ‘Black 100’ List


Diddy’s career evolution into the mogul of an empire has been a blueprint for entrepreneurs looking to make a name for themselves in the entertainment realm. As a pioneer of black excellence, Puff has launched the Black 100 list of individuals in celebration of their successes making up black culture.

Names making the cut come from a range of industries, including musicians, entrepreneurs, politicians, journalists, athletes and much more. On Saturday afternoon, Diddy ripped through the laundry list of those he claimed to be inspired by on Twitter.

Music staples such as the power couple of JAY-Z and Beyoncé make an appearance, in addition to those working their magic behind the scenes, like choreographer Laurieann Gibson and director Karena Evans.

The Bad Boy Entertainment CEO has teased gifts for his famous friends on Instagram, claiming the custom boxes with contents remaining unknown are finally on the way. “Culture creators, I have something special for you,” he wrote in reference to the latest trick up his sleeve. Whatever grand plan the 48-year-old has in the works should be revealed soon enough.




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