Krisirie Is Giving Us Summer Love Vibes


With her latest release, Long Time Love, Kristen Walker, known as Krisirie, has solidified herself as an artist to watch!
CiCi got a chance to catch up with the talented singer/songwriter.

Krisirie and CiCi at Y 103.3FM
Dot Daily Dish Podcast featuring Krisirie

Carefully crafted in Sky Movement Studios in Barbados, Krisirie said she wanted to create something that made her move and feel good inside when she listened to it. She shared the studio session to her Live IG and her fans immediately took to the song, Krisirie said  “before I really added lyrics they started telling me how the music was making them feel already and this really inspired me to complete the song asap”

With summer approaching, Krisirie has the perfect anthem to make us all feel like we’re in love and the world is revolving around us. Here you will find an exclusive first hand listen to this nostalgically serene love song, sure enough to make you want to be with your Long Time Love.

Krisirie quotes, “Your long time love can be you, it can be someone you’ve known forever or someone that you just met.. it’s whatever your feel”

Krisirie - Long Time Love
Krisirie – Long Time Love

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