Russell Wilson Launches Clothing Line Called Good Man Brand


Russell Wilson wants to lead, inspire, live and help create good men.

The NFL quarterback is dipping into the fashion industry, and just launched his own line which he hopes will also serve a much grander purpose. E! News learns Wilson is teaming up his men’s apparel line Good Man Brand with his Why Not You Foundation to help inner city kids and education.

How will Ciara‘s beau do that, you ask? Well, Wilson’s Good Man Brand opened it’s website with the promise that for every item sold, it will share its profits with a charity of choice, by donating $3 from every purchase will go toward an organization assisting inner-city education and children throughout the United States.

As for the actual style of the clothes, Wilson tells consumers during a Q&A with GQat Nordstrom today, that his pieces “have great comfort, great style, and are modern and classic.”

He adds that the brand includes items that were missing from his own closet (and, of course, he offered this idea with a sports analogy). “I think about a great jump shooter, a guy who can shoot from way outside. And then the guy who can hit easy lay-ups. So when it comes to clothes, I had the great suits and I had the shorts and t-shirts. But I wanted that mid-range game that I could dress up and down.”

Later on, Wilson added, “This is not a celebrity-driven brand. I wanted to make unbelievable clothes. That was a no-brainer. That’s the most important thing.”

But what may be arguably more important is the brand’s tag line: Lead. Inspire. Live.

As Wilson put it, “The good man leads, the good man inspires, and the good man lives a good life.”


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