Okay so the Holiday celebrations are finally over and we are hung right over. And by hung over I am not only referring to the singular effects that alcohol plays on our bodies. We ate too much crap, drank all the wrong things, stayed up too late, and let’s be real-the last thought on our minds was exercising. We are coming off of a sugar and caffeine high and trying desperately to get back into this routine we call life. On top of it all, we have the pressure of these popular health related New Year’s Resolutions that hover over our consciousness. Surely there must be a more ideal way of slipping back into the post holiday groove without the stress, pressure, and exhaustion of it all. Well I have good news-there is. Here are my favourite 5 tips on how to cure a “holiday hangover” in no time.

1. Water

Yes, we are bringing it way back to the basics here. Water is something we tend to forget about over holidays. With all the wine, hard liquor, coffee, party punches, and specialty beverages being offered everywhere we go, water seems to get looked over and understandably so. Adding more water into our diets as soon as possible is the easiest thing we can do to boost our energy levels and immune systems. The much needed hydration helps to rid of those headaches, pesky pimples, and slow moving bowel movements that are symptoms of holiday hangovers. Taking this water drinking thing to the next level will help to restore our health even quicker. Upon waking, sip on a glass of warm water with the juice of half a lemon. This acts as an energizer, detoxifier, cleanser, and alkalinizer all in one.


2. Eat the Rainbow

No I don’t mean sprinkle covered sugar cookies. The holiday season brings on the eating of way too many simple carbs. We leave the health promoting produce all on the side and indulge in everything sweet, salty, fatty, and colorless. These favourites that are nutritionally deprived become our meals for the days to follow as leftovers are always ideal (especially when they consist of everything rich, heavy and tasty). Perhaps these same leftovers carry over into the New Year and that’s totally fine-waste not my friends. Just be sure to add those fruits and veggies back into the diet as soon as possible. Homemade slaws and salads make a great side and fruit will always make for the best snack. Perhaps jump on the green smoothie train and really start your days off right with a mixture of nature’s nutrients blended in hand. The sooner we re-introduce those vibrant colors back into our lives, the sooner we start to feel alive again.

5 Ways to Cure Your Holiday Hangover

3. Sleep

I was going to label this tip as “rest” but I did not anyone mistaking that for more Netflix marathons that keep us up until the wee hours of the night. Although most of us would consider “screen time” relaxing, it sure is not helping out our health if it means we are getting next to no sleep. Going into the New Year (and especially in Canada where it starts to get frigid), we need that unbeatable and uninterrupted rest. Try going to bed at a decent enough time so you are getting at least 7-8 hours of solid rest. This underrated tip in conjunction with the others will work wonders in no time.

4. Get Moving

We don’t need to (and honestly shouldn’t) dive right back into that intense workout program we were doing almost a month ago now. Take it one step at a time and get the body back in action with little movements such as walking, jogging, yoga or stretching. Think of this period as a warm up period. We have not been properly fuelling our bodies to just pick back up right where we left off. We are far more prone to injuries if we try to bounce right back into it. These injuries will set us back even further so it is ideal that we take a week or two to accustom ourselves with gentle activities that increase both flexibility and circulation. Once we feel limber and ready to get back at it full force-it’s go time.

5 Ways to Cure Your Holiday Hangover

5. Skin Detox

The break from our regular lifestyles has most likely left our skin both looking and feeling a little less loved. Our skin is now probably loaded with unwanted toxins that need to take a hike for our complexions to return back to normal. There are a few options to help us detox and get our glow back on. A nice hot sauna or steam session, hot yoga, dry brushing, and all natural clay masks applied to the neck and face will all be sure to get our skin glowing. Now that we have covered the most important habits to focus on to cure even the worst holiday hangover, I want to let you in on a little secret. Remember those popular health related resolutions? These 5 tips are the key to living a healthy lifestyle and all year round for that matter-not just after falling off the wagon. These habits will promote weight loss, healthy digestion, glowing skin, stronger immune systems, and all around optimal health. The introduction (or re-introduction) of these habits will get us back into the groove but as always, consistency is key. As Charles C. Noble once said, “We first make our habits, and then our habits make us.” I wish you all the best in the New Year and I hope that my tips can help you get you back on your feet in no time.

5 Ways to Cure Your Holiday Hangover



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