Anglican churches reopen for physical services


A handful of Anglicans returned to physical services across Barbados on Sunday for the first time since restrictions were placed on religious gatherings.

Physical distancing regulations were easy to enforce at the St Peter and St George Parish Churches, where only a handful of worshippers showed up on Father’s Day.

The return to worship services in Anglican Churches comes three weeks after government eased restrictions under the Emergency Management (COVID-19) Churches Directive on June 1 following a meeting of the Diocesan Management Team.

In keeping with the remaining protocols, temperature checks and face masks were mandatory and a list of attendees was taken at the entrance.

Despite today’s physical reopening, worshippers who are not yet ready to return to service and those considered high-risk are still able view services online.

One such virtual service was streamed from the Church of St Jude in St George where Reverend Peter Boxill delivered a timely Father’s Day message about the need for fathers to re-evaluate their role in the Barbadian society.

“As we wrestle with our thoughts, emotions and speculations surrounding all of the negative fallout occurring socially, economically and even spiritually, I believe that any critical evaluation of fatherhood or the role of the male in the society should be geared toward improving the plight and the image in this the 21st century. This being the case, the pertinent question should concern what type of legacy we are leaving for our children?” he asked.

“No effort should be spared in calling on the males in our society to be accountable for their action or lack of actions in the lives of young children in our land,” Reverend Boxill added.

Catholics resumed services last week, joining some Pentecostal and Evangelical congregations. (KS)


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