Europe’s leaders launch fight for EU top jobs in Brussels


EU leaders are heading to Brussels to assess the post-election political landscape and consider rival candidates for the EU’s top jobs.

The haggling over jobs – including a replacement for EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker – is likely to last several months.

The UK is involved in the discussions.

For the first time the big centrist blocs no longer have a majority. The European Parliament elections boosted nationalists, the Greens and liberals.

It leaves the EU more fragmented, so finding consensus may be harder than in the past.

The talks over dinner on Tuesday may not even result in a shortlist of candidates.

It is more an occasion for leaders to assess the political mood and explore possible combinations, to ensure a stable balance of political opinions, geography and gender.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May will participate, but Brussels sources say there will be little or no discussion of Brexit.


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