Bail for accused curfew breakers


Chief Magistrate Ian Weekes adjourned 28 of the 29 cases on Saturday involving charges of breaches of the national curfew.

The men and women were allegedly rounded up at a locked Club Parris at the corner of Crumpton Street and Roebuck Street, The City, and accused of breaching the curfew in order to attend a social event.

They were charged with contravening the Emergency Management (COVID-19) curfew directive in that they remained outdoors at 7:15 p.m. at Crumpton Street and attended a social event without a reasonable excuse on May 15. Only one of the 29 charged – 40-year-old Dwayne Fenty, of Emerald Park West, St Philip – pleaded guilty when they appeared in the District “A” Criminal Court No. 2.

He was fined $5 000 in 20 months or six months in jail.
The other 20 men and eight women pleaded not guilty and had their matters adjourned. They were given dates between July 21 and August 12 to appear in the District “D” Magistrates’ Court. (AC)


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