Bradshaw to meet with teachers


The Ministry of Education, Technological and Vocational Training will continue to engage education stakeholders as it seeks to chart the way forward during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Minister of Education, Santia Bradshaw, said recently meetings were scheduled to be held this week for teachers, including those at the nursery and special education schools, principals, and teachers’ unions.

Bradshaw, who was speaking on the sidelines of the launch of the National Give Back Programme at the Erdiston Teachers’ Training College, last Friday, explained that the consultations were a continuation of discussions to “get a sense from the teaching population how they felt about going back to school”.

She added that the recently held sessions with primary and secondary school students would be critical to decisions taken on the way forward.

“The intention is to consult; get the feedback on how Term One has basically evolved; what are some of the pros and cons; [and]the challenges. Also coming out of that [we would want]to have some very solid recommendations for Term Two and beyond,” she said.

Bradshaw also said that remedial work would be carried out at a number of schools, including St George Primary, Vauxhall Primary, and Lawrence T. Gay Memorial Primary.

“Some of them will require more time; so we’re going to fix the things we can fix during the Christmas break.

“We’ve given the assurance that what we cannot fix during Christmas, we would come back in Easter and do those . . . and where we would have more substantial works that will involve full disruption of the entire school plant; we’ll do those during the summer vacation as part of the Domestic Summer Programme,” Bradshaw said. (BGIS)


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