Cleaning Starts at Sheraton


Less than 24 hours after being shut down by Ministry of Health officials, the food court at Sheraton Mall was abuzz with activity.

But instead of a busy flow of patrons purchasing food at lunchtime, employees and hired workmen were hard at work as the first day of a mass industrial cleaning exercise got underway.

Food stalls in some cases were totally disassembled, cleaning agents were all over the food court and restaurant apparatus was out of place.

General Manager of the mall, Kelly Stoute declined to comment on the developments or to provide more clarity on the nature of health issues or indicate when the mall’s food court would be reopened.

In addition, Barbados TODAY was informed by management that media workers would not be allowed inside the foodcourt.

Health officials have also been silent on the matter since Wednesday and Chief Medical Officer, Dr Kenneth George directed Barbados TODAY to a press release issued today.

The decision to close the popular food court was reportedly taken in response to mounting violations which mall management had left unattended after continuous environmental checks by the Environmental Health Division since September 4.


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