Prime Minister Mia Mottley has assured residents that the long wait for the disbursement of their 2017 tax returns is over.

“. . . Next week [you will]start to receive your 2017 income tax refunds on time for the first time in years . . .” Motley said to loud applause as she delivered the feature address at the Barbados Labour Party’s 80th Annual General Meeting at The Lodge School auditorium on Saturday.

“You will hear me on November 8 outline the deal that we have as I promised that I would do for the pensioners of Barbados, as we move even to remain current in the payment of our bills, because when you next week start to receive your 2017 income tax refunds on time for the first time in years you will understand  . . . that we continue to be true to our word.”

Meantime, Mottley said her Government will on Wednesday launch a Trust Loan Programme.

She said there are too many people in Barbados who cannot open a bank account or apply for a loan from a financial institution.

“The things that does humbug me . . . the layoffs. Who feels good about layoffs? But we have reduced it to a minimum,” Mottley said, adding that the Government is conscious of the need to create opportunities and enterprise even if a person is laid off.

“When the others were laid off in 2014, they had to wait one, two and three years for their money and some I am told still didn’t get. I asked the country and public servants to make sure that persons can go home with cheques, in many instances they have, in some instances they have not and I want it corrected. If it isn’t corrected in a day or two it will be corrected in a week or so,” Mottley promised even as she revealed coming plans in other areas.

But the Prime Minister raised concerns about the gun violence plaguing the country.

“We need a Barbados where people can sleep easier when the night comes . . . because you see what happens when idle hands have nothing to do and I will not sleep easy . . . when there is shooting with gun play all about Barbados, that humbugs me at night,” Mottley said.

“I understand the realities of life . . . but those realities on this 166 square miles cannot include automatic guns.”


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