Dottin payday?


Government will likely have to pay damages to former Commissioner of Police Darwin Dottin for being removed from office in June 2013. Attorney General Dale Marshall revealed this on Saturday while responding to concern over Dottin’s appointment as a consultant to his ministry on crime.

Dottin was sent on “administrative leave” by Governor-General Sir Elliott Belgrave after the Police Services Commission (PSC) recommended his retirement “in the public interest”. Allegations later surfaced that the PSC’s reasons were due to Dottin ordering wiretapping on prominent individuals.

The former top cop has, however, categorically denied any involvement in any illegal wiretapping.

Marshall said the PSC’s recommendation to Sir Elliott to send home Dottin was flawed. And even the PSC’s attorney, Patterson Cheltenham QC, advised them of this at that time. He produced a letter dated January 24, 2019 from Cheltenham to confirm his assertion.


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