Mottley: Coordinated action key in COVID fight


Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley said today that the novel coronavirus pandemic has the capacity to “upend developing countries” and that it is necessary “to put down the tools to avert a debt crisis which is potentially on us if we do not get it right”.

Mottley was addressing a World Health Organisation (WHO) media briefing a short while ago.

She repeated calls for equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines and techincal resources and said there is an urgent need for coordinated action in fighting the virus.

Mottley said she looked forward to continued support from the WHO and the Pan American Health Organisation in grappling with the effects of COVID-19.

The Prime Minister also said there is no measure that is too much on the personal, national or global level to safeguard lives and reminded of the importance of the personal protocols in curbing COVID-19.

She expressed best wishes to Prime Minister of Trinidad and current chair of the Caribbean Community Dr Keith Rowley, who has tested positive for COVID-19.


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