NUPW, HMP Dodds reach agreement on civilian staff


A resolution has now been reached between the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW) and the administration at Her Majesty’s Prisons Dodds, over the union’s decision to instruct civilian staff members not to report to work, due to an outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) at the state-owned correctional facility.

This morning president of the NUPW, Akanni McDowall explained that it has been agreed that one person in a high-level area would report to work today, and that person would provide a report on all of the critical areas. That person would then create a roster for all of those staff in the critical areas only, advising them on the days that they should report to work.

Earlier today, McDowell had announced that the union had advised its civilian members to stay at home, citing Section 104 of the Safety and Health at Work Act.

“The NUPW is uncomfortable at this stage with the reintegration of civilian staff back into the workplace at Her Majesty’s Prisons. There are some concerns expressed to us by our membership and as such we are invoking section 104 of the Safety and Health Act,” the NUPW president said. (CLM)


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