Prison officers’ president charged


President of the Barbados Prison Officers Association Trevor Browne has been slapped with charges of “maliciously endeavour to seduce” four prison officers from their duties.

And, he is expected to appear in the District “C” Magistrates’ Court before Chief Magistrate Christopher Birch tomoorow to face the allegations.

Sources told the Nation it’s being alleged that on May 4, this year, Browne did maliciously endeavour to seduce Stephenson Trotman, a Prison Officer from his duty.

It is also alleged that between May 1 and 9 this year, he did the same to Prison Officers David Davis, Shanell Ellis-Vaughn, and Ophneal Austin.

The charge falls under Section 27 of the Prison Act Chapter 128 which relates to “persons inciting or abetting desertion, inciting and sedition”.

It reads: “Any person who, directly or indirectly, instigates, commands, counsels or solicits any meeting, sedition or disobedience to any lawful command of a prison officer to any other prison officer, or maliciously endeavours to seduce any prison officer from his allegiance or duty, shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction to imprisonment for a term of one year.


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