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Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture Seibert Frederick has been sent on leave under circumstances that the public servant of over 40 years, has described as “disrespectful”.

In a memo dated May 12 addressed to all staff and which was circulating on social media, Frederick revealed that just before 4 p.m. on May 10, 2019, he was directed by “the Minister” to go on leave.

“The information was a real shocker to me as permanent secretary, since it did not give me time to tell my fellow workers or attend to any matters on my desk,” the memo read, while adding, “The manner in which it was done was downright disrespectful.”

Efforts to reach the former permanent secretary and Minister of Agriculture and Food Security, Indar Weir to inquire about the nature of the leave were unsuccessful. Sources close to the situation have since informed Barbados TODAY that the position would soon be filled.

In Frederick’s memo, the public servant recounted his contribution to national development through the development of a small business policy in 1978 and assisting with the establishment of the Barbados Stock Exchange in 1986.

“Nevertheless, I wish to thank all of you for your support which you gave me during the last nine (9) months. I would say that I enjoyed working with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security and interacting with several people of different background,” he said in his parting words to staff.

“This short stay in my career has enriched and enlightened me as an economist and permanent secretary and one who is particularly passionate about the development of this country, especially in these difficult economic times. I shall miss all of you very much,” he added.

Despite his contempt for the “disrespectful” manner in which he was dismissed, Frederick encouraged staff to support the new permanent secretary and wished the Government all the best for the future. 


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