Sharon reopens


WITH SHARON PRIMARY SCHOOL reopening today after weeks of environmental problems, some relieved parents say they will be keeping a close eye on the facilities to see if things have really improved.

Late yesterday evening, about 20 parents and teachers, led by Deputy Chief Education Officer Joy Adamson and principal Pamela Small-Williams, toured the St Thomas compound for just over half-hour.

Bathrooms, classrooms and prefab buildings were inspected and given a passing grade from parents and Ministry of Education officials.

On September 16, the school was closed after a number of pupils and teachers fell ill complaining of allergic reactions and respiratory issues. Similarly, teachers and students of the nearby Maria Holder Nursery experienced symptoms, also resulting in the school’s doors being closed.

Alison Lynch, who has a daughter in Class 3 and a boy in Infants A, told the DAILY NATION she was pleased by yesterday’s announcement of the reopening of Sharon, which has a roll of just under 400.


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