Y’s Pick of the Week – Exposure by Helen Dunmore


Much like a slick, shapeshifting spook, Exposure is many things at once—an espionage thriller, a forbidden-love story, an immigrant’s tale—and it assumes these varied identities with confidence. Set in 1960s London against the backdrop of mounting Cold War tensions, the intrigue begins with a seemingly banal event: Giles Holloway trips down a flight of stairs and breaks his leg. But Giles is no average chap; an employee of the British Admiralty, he’s been stealing top secret intelligence documents and has one such file languishing in his flat that must be returned posthaste if he is to avoid detection. With few true friends to his name, he enlists the help of colleague Simon Callington, a decision that proves disastrous for both men. As their lives begin to implode, their shared history unspools through absorbing, sometimes devastating flashbacks. Don’t sleep on this one, reader: Exposure is a novel you won’t be able to shake.


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