Katy Perry Just Called You Out for Singing the Wrong Lyrics to ‘Firework’ This Whole Time


It’s “awe,” not “up.” Katy Perry dropped an explosive revelation on Sunday night’s (March 6) episode of American Idol: you’ve been singing the incorrect lyrics to her hit song “Firework” this whole time. Don’t be embarrassed, you’re not alone — her fellow Idol judge Luke Bryan is right there with you.

There’s no telling why the 32-year-old pop star sat on this bombshell revelation for over a decade, but perhaps she suspected that some day she’d need to bust it out to roast one of her Idol co-workers. It all started when Bryan launched into a pretty unflattering impersonation of Perry singing her 2010 -11 smash, a teasing dig that might have cut deeper had he gotten the lyrics right.

“It’s not ‘up up up,’ and it’s not ‘ah ah ah,’” Perry lectured the “Play It Again” singer. “Well what is it then, because I’ve been dying to know all these years,” Bryan sarcastically replied.

“It’s ‘awe awe awe.’ ‘A-W-E,’” Katy said, spelling out the word to be perfectly clear. “It’s ‘awe awe awe’ everybody, get it right!”

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